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How GWR's AC Stop Leak is different and why it works...

Three elements are necessary for GWR's Stop Leak Plus to work.... the Refrigerant, the system pressure and high velocity flow / movement. These actions are the "carrier" that deliver our unique proprietary Micro Particulate Solids to the point of a leak or leaks. When corrosion occurs small pin holes begins to open up in all systems, its just a matter of time. Whether pre-existing or even in the future, refrigerant and some oil escapes through those hole at a rapid rate of speed. This flow creates a spiraling venturi action that pulls in some of the Stop Leak Plus particulates that are circulating through the system. When our escaping molecules bombard the ragged edges of the hole they begin to attach to the area and each other, eventually forming a seal or patch. Of great importance, in contrast to competitors, our Stop Leak Plus particles were formulated to stay flexible and pliable after a seal is created. They will remain secure through years of on and off temperature cycles and vibrations in an HVAC system or automotive vehicle.

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